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Personal Training Brunswick. Brunswick's top strength training coach at the PTC Powerlifting Competition

Strength Training in Brunswick. Kaleb (bottom) is your dedicated strength trainer who specialises in getting you stronger and more muscular. He's also a regular powerlifting competitor.

Kaleb is your specialist strength coach and personal trainer in Brunswick. Having competed in many powerlifting competitions, you can be sure he'll get you strong and in top shape, fast.

The personal training you receive is dedicated to increasing your strength, muscle tone and transform the way you look and feel in record time.

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You just can't possess a powerful looking body without a dedicated strength coach by your side.

As a result of many years experience competing, training and coaching, you can be sure you'll walk away with the most strongest, powerful and energetic body you've ever had.

With heavy strength training, your body shapes-up, tones and transforms fast. So, whether you're looking to increase strength, lose fat or just want to change how others see you, Movement and Strength Systems has you covered.

Each session and all exercises are geared towards progression. Therefore, each time you train with us, you'll walk away stronger, with more muscle tone and a much leaner body. This is possible because you're trained with evidence based and scientifically structured strength methods.

Whatever your goal - Movement and Strength Systems has the right fitness and strength coaching option for you.

Within just 20 mins of our first meeting, you'll know why Movement and Strength Systems is the premium choice for strength training. This is because we take time to get to know you, understand your goals and choose specific strength systems appropriate for your body type, physique and goals.

And as you let us train you, you'll truly appreciate the speed of your transformation taking place.

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You don't need any prior gym or exercise experience. If you're willing to lift, attend your sessions and work hard, then you're ready to train with us.

Training Everyday Men and Women Who Just Want To Get Stronger.

In just 12 weeks, Alessandra increased her deadlift from 55kg to 80kg.


Rory performs a 160kg squat.


Rehabilitating a client with scoliosis. As a result, she's now able to squat with full movement.


Women: Apply Here For The 15 Week Strong-Woman Challenge

Wouldn't You Like a Body So STRONG and POWERFUL That People Will Be Begging To Know Your Secret...?

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Men: Apply Here For The Strong-In-15 Challenge

A Specialised 15 Week Size, Muscle and Strength Building System for Guys...

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People Who Take Their Strength Training Seriously Train With A Strength Coach.

From 80 - 120kg squats in just 3 months.


Angus easily performs a 200kg deadlift.


Tiff bench pressing 57.5kg before her novice comp.


Heavy squats done easy.


Sam performing heavy squats and in the process has dropped 2kg in body weight.


Lorna performing her personal best 117.5kg Deadlift.


Movement and Strength Systems Can Train You In 3 Ways.

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training.

    Work closely with your movement and strength coach for the fastest strength gains, quickest transformations and the best nutrition coaching for your body. You’re trained and focused on the one thing you deserve: Results.

    All training is tailored for your physique and strength goals. All nutrition plans are designed to compliment your workouts, recovery and goals. This way, you spend less time at the gym. On the days you’re not training, your body’s recovering, building strength and transforming – getting ready for the next session.

  • Small Group Strength Training and Fitness.

    Very similar to 1-on-1 training, but you work within a small group (max of 3) with a common goal of getting strong, improving fitness and at the same time transforming your body, fast. This is a great motivator.

  • Online Personal Training.

    Do you live far or unable to see your personal trainer? No problem. With online coaching, you still work closely with your virtual strength coach.

    You’ll be given everything needed to achieve your strength and transformation goals. This includes programming, monitoring, guidance and goal setting. You’ll periodically speak with your strength coach to make sure you’re exercising correctly, following your programs and eating right.

Here Are Some Highlights Of Our Past and Present Clients


Once You've Made The Decision To Possess a Stronger, Leaner and More Muscular Body, Keep That In Mind When You Book-in Your First Session.

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From the moment you attend your first session, you'll feel your body transforming and changing from the inside. You will finally see a clear pathway of living with that body you always dreamed of.

Just think of what you can achieve knowing you have a dedicated strength coach by your side - who has passion in training and motivating you to achieve the changes you desire.

All Your Strength Training Packages Are Equipped With:

Evidence Based Strength Training Sessions.

All your planning, progressions and exercise structures are based on the latest scientific research.

Whether your training is 1-on-1, in a group or online – you can be sure your results will happen quickly.

Professional Nutrition Consults For Immediate Fat Loss and Recovery.

Whether you’re building strength or transforming the way you look, nutrition plays a major role with your results.

Above all, with the right nutrition guidance and consults - you’ll be able to recover quicker, perform better and lose fat immediately.

Postural Assessments, Body Alignment and Movement Rectifications.

Your body must be in postural alignment to achieve your transformation and strength goals. When this happens, you’ll notice exercising is much easier, you'll have more energy, recover faster, perform better and reduce your chance of injury.

Postural assessments are the foundations of your training. Due to the importance of postural alignment, your coach rectifies and corrects any issues you may have.

Results Guaranteed.

All your training packages are results based and come with a guarantee. This means, you're looked after and kept in good hands throughout your journey.

Please Don't Train With Us Unless...

  1. You CRAVE a body FILLED WITH CONFIDENCE so you feel comfortable wearing slimmer fitting clothes.
  2. You wish to FEEL STRONG mentally and live with a physically fit body which can handle any obstacle life throws at you.
  3. You NEVER want to worry about growing old, stiff and sore - or developing chronic injuries. Instead, you'll be living everyday with fluid mobility and flexibility.
  4. You want an ABUNDANCE of energy where you bounce out of bed each morning and still have strength and vigor when you come home.
  5. You want to FEEL ALIVE so friends and family compliment your energy and want to know your secret.
I'm Absolutely 100% Ready To Train With You NowI'm not giving up on my dream body. I'm applying now!

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